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MKT423F10Syllabus - Welcome to ADVERTISING MANAGEMENT...

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Welcome to: ADVERTISING MANAGEMENT Syllabus Table of Contents I. Specifics II. Description& Goals III. Schedule IV. Format, Policies, Evaluation V. Reading List VI. Course Agreement I. Specifics Professor Dr. Angeline G. Close Website http://faculty.unlv.edu/angeline Office UNLV College of Business 435 Beam Hall Campus Mail 6010 702. 895.3364 (main) 702.895.5956 (voicemail) Class Time/ Location Fall 2010 Tues 7:00-9:45 (MKT 423) BEH 107 Faculty Assistant Stephanie Aguirre [email protected] 421 Beam Hall 702.895.2791 Office Hours Dr. Close: T, R 4-5:30 & by appointment Faculty Assistant: M, 10-11:30; W 1-2:30 Prepare yourself to delve into advertising : It motors our economy and the Internet; It provides the financial foundation of our mass media system; It has found its way into our movies, onto our clothes and into our facebook, myspace, twitter, and blogs.
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2 Advertising is a continuous visual and verbal background to our existence— providing constant messages from the mavens of market, captains of commercialism, etailers in ecommerce, earls of events, and the lords of leisure. These entities sell not only products and experiences, but frameworks of meaning: notions of what is moral/unjust, luxurious/basic, right/wrong, desirable/inadmissible, dreamable/attainable, normal/perverse, sultry/bleak. Advertising and related markets shape our society and our wallets- at both the conscious and the unconscious level. II. Description & Goals Text: Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion , 4 th ed. By O’Guinn, Allen & Semenik, ISBN 0-324-32015-9; Optional Supplemental Text: Controversies in Contemporary Advertising by Sheehan Prerequisite(s): Admission to a business major/minor , C or higher in MKTG 3700, and junior or senior status Course Description: This course is an-depth study of the factors important for the development of successful advertising management from a branding perspective. Topics include a situation analysis, selection of target markets, development of objectives, creative guidelines, media selection and scheduling, budgeting, and performance evaluation. It is important to understand the place of advertising in relation to other forms of marketing in our global society in order to ground our business-based understanding of the ad world. Thus, we will study advertising from a branding framework. I will provide a balanced coverage of communication tools - advertising, event marketing, personal selling, sales promotion, sponsorship, direct marketing, point-of-purchase, public relations, and Internet communications. Both a theoretical and managerial approach to advertising components are examined. This is a time demanding, yet exciting class with a commitment to reading and discussion. Goals: 1. Interactive Learning : We will learn about the concepts needed for a successful report by website examples of advertising and marketing communications.
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