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1 DEPARTMENT OF GEOGRAPHY UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY LAB GEO 2200L FALL 2011 (1 CREDIT HOUR) Course: GEO 2200L Section: 2072, 0969 & 2291 Class Meeting Times and Locations: M, Periods 5-6(2072), Turlington Hall 3006; M, Periods 8-9(0969), Turlington Hall 3006; T, Periods 2-3(2291), Turlington Hall 3006; Instructor: Ying Wang Office Hours: M 8:45-11:45am (Please email me if you want to come in!) Office: Turlington Hall 3126 A Email: [email protected] (Please email to set an appointment or with quick questions. Allow 24 hours for a response.) Class Materials: Available at TARGET COPY located at 1412 W University Ave Basic Course Objective This course is a study of the development and distribution of landforms, climates, minerals, soils and water resources. Interrelationships among the physical environment and regional patterns formed by these elements are analyzed against the man's utilization of them. Although you may be also enrolled in the GEO 2200 Physical Geography course, do not worry if you haven’t taken that course yet. THIS LABORATORY SATISFIES THE PHYSICAL SCIENCE LABORATORY REQUIREMENT . Lab Assignments and Article Assignments Lab exercises will be conducted through web resources and the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing Software. Also, occasionally we may have to
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