MedianGradeSP10 - MEDIAN GRADE REPORT SPRING 2010 The...

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Unformatted text preview: MEDIAN GRADE REPORT - SPRING 2010 The following Median Grade Report is comprised of two listings: 1) Classes that are NOT cross-listed or multiple sub-topics. 2) Classes that ARE cross-listed or multiple sub-topics. We have tried to display an accurate representation of cross-listed or multiple sub-topic classes. Column Definitiions: COURSE SUBJECT : Department name abbreviation. CATALOG NUMBER : Catalog number of the class. CLASS TITLE : The title that appears on the class. #/CLASS : Number of students enrolled in the class (see GRADE explanation.) GRADE : This the the median grade calculated for the class. The grade calculation uses letter grades only. S/U, INC, V, NGR and R grades are excluded. CROSS-LISTED - The 'parent' is listed in RED . The 'child' is listed in black. ***You may use the FIND button (located under the Tools menu bar) with Adobe Acrobat ® to find a specific course. COURSE SUBJECT CATALOG NUMBER CLASS TITLE #/CLASS GRADE AAS 1100 Intro to Asian Am Studies 22 B+ AEM 1102 Personal Evaluation/Developmen 78 A AEM 1200 Intro to Business Management 390 B AEM 1220 Entrepreneurship Life Sciences 283 A AEM 2410 Marketing Plan Development 66 A AEM 3210 Business Law II 61 B+ AEM 3240 Finance 76 B+ AEM 3310 Intro to Business Regulation 44 A- AEM 3350 Int'l Tech Marketing of Biotec 40 A- AEM 3370 Intermediate Accntg II 53 A AEM 3460 Dairy Markets and Policy 12 B+ AEM 4030 Farm Management Study Trip 12 A AEM 4050 Agricultural Finance 48 B+ AEM 4160 Strategic Pricing 21 A- AEM 4190 Strategic Thinking 74 B+ AEM 4210 Derivatives & Risk Management 71 A AEM 4280 Valuation Capital Investment 64 A- AEM 4290 International Finance 41 B+ AEM 4300 International Trade Policy 72 A- AEM 4320 Public Priv Sector Econs Links 40 A- AEM 4350 Political Economy of the WTO 23 A+ AEM 4421 Rsrch & Strtgy in Emrgng Mrkts 21 A AEM 4480 Food Merchandising 38 A AEM 4531 Federal Income Taxation 29 B+ AEM 4550 Economics of Advertising 21 A AEM 4940 Special Topics in AEM 73 A AEM 4970 Individual Study in AEM 40 A AEM 4980 Supervised Teaching Experience 63 A AEM 4990 Undergraduate Research 19 A AEP 3220 Mathematical Physics II 70 A- AEP 3560 Intermediate Electrodynamics 56 B+ AEP 3620 Intermediate Quantum Mechanics 59 A- AEP 4340 Continuum Physics 48 B+ AEP 4380 Computational Engrng Physics 26 A- AEP 4900 Independent Study 19 A AEP 4900 Independent Study 19 A AIRS 1162 Foundations of US Air Force II 13 A+ AIRS 2212 Evol of US Air & Space Pwr II 17 A AIRS 4402 Natl Sec Aff/Prep Act Duty II 10 A ALS 1341 Emergency Medical Technician 15 A- ALS 4770 Env Stewardship in Cornell II 13 A AMST 1101 Intro to American Studies 45 A- ANSC 1105 Cont Perspect of Animal Sci 51 A ANSC 2210 Principles of Animal Genetics 76 B+ ANSC 2400 Animal Reproduction and Dev 137 B+ ANSC 2410 Animal Reproduction & Dev Lab 107 A- ANSC 2510 Applied Dairy Cattle Genetics 52 A ANSC 3200 Comparative Animal Nutrition 26 A- ANSC 3510 Dairy Herd Mgmt 43 A- ANSC 3550 Dairy Cattle Nutrition 32 B ANSC 3600 Beef Cattle...
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This note was uploaded on 10/04/2011 for the course CS 1110 taught by Professor Davidgries during the Spring '08 term at Cornell.

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MedianGradeSP10 - MEDIAN GRADE REPORT SPRING 2010 The...

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