allElements - <project name="allElements...

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<project name="allElements Delegator"> <property name="defaultAssemblyEnabled" value="true" /> <!-- ===================================================================== --> <!-- Run a given ${target} on all elements being built --> <!-- By default ${topLevelElementType} and ${topLevelElementId} should be --> <!-- defined in the builder's file. You can customize by --> <!-- setting the type/id values directly here. --> <!-- You can add additional calls to ${genericTargets} to build more top --> <!-- level elements. --> <!-- --> <!-- The top level must exist in the ${buildDirectory}, ${baseLocation} or --> <!-- ${pluginPath} locations. --> <!-- ===================================================================== --> <target name="allElementsDelegator"> <ant antfile="${genericTargets}" target="${target}"> <property name="type" value="${topLevelElementType}" /> <property name="id" value="${topLevelElementId}" /> </ant> </target> <!-- ====================================================================== -->
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allElements - &lt;project name=&quot;allElements...

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