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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <introContent> <!-- Extension to the SDK Tutorials Page. --> <extensionContent id="org.eclipse.team" name="Team/CVS" alt- style="css/tutorials.properties" style="css/tutorials.css" path="tutorials/@"> <group label="Team/CVS" id="team" style-id="content-group"> <link url="http://org.eclipse.ui.intro/showStandby? partId=org.eclipse.platform.cheatsheet&input=org.eclipse.platform.cvs.checko ut" label="Check out a CVS project" id="cvs_checkout" style-id="content-link">
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Unformatted text preview: <text>Learn how to connect to a CVS repository and check out a project.</text> </link> <link url="http://org.eclipse.ui.intro/showStandby? partId=org.eclipse.platform.cheatsheet&amp;input=org.eclipse.platform.cvs.merge" label="Merge CVS branches" id="cvs_merge" style-id="content-link"> <text>Follow the steps for merging changes from one CVS branch into another.</text> </link> </group> </extensionContent> </introContent>...
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