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<project name="Custom Targets MyTest" default="noDefault"> <target name="noDefault" /> <!-- This goal of this target is to get the packaging map files of the things you care for The files must be fetched into the downloadDirectory folder --> <target name="getMapFiles" unless="localMaps"> <get src="${packagerMapURL}" dest="${downloadDirectory}/" usetimestamp="true"/> </target> <target name="init"> <property name="archiveNamePrefix" value="${buildId}"/> </target> <target name="assemble.win32.win32.x86.xml" depends="init"> <ant antfile="${assembleScriptName}" > <property name="archiveName" value="${archiveNamePrefix}-"/> </ant> </target> <target name="assemble.linux.gtk.x86.xml"> <ant antfile="${assembleScriptName}" > <property name="archiveName" value="${archiveNamePrefix}-"/> </ant> </target> <target name="assemble.linux.gtk.ppc.xml"> <ant antfile="${assembleScriptName}" > <property name="archiveName" value="${archiveNamePrefix}-"/>
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