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% Simulate age distribution of a population over time and plot the % distribution % Initialize various vectors A = getLeslieMatrix(10); w = zeros(11,1); w(1) = 5; f = zeros(11,1); f(1) = 1; % Multiply A by w and then add the new probability distribution to vector f for t = 1:50 w = matrixVectorMult(A, w); f = [f w./sum(w)];
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Unformatted text preview: end % Plot all eleven age classes from x=0 to x=50 x = 0:50; plot(x,f(1,:), x,f(2,:),x,f(3,:),x,f(4,:),x,f(5,:),x,f(6,:),x,f(7,:),x,f(8,:),x,f(9,:),x,f(10,: ),x,f(11,:)); xlabel('time'); ylabel('Fraction in each age class'); title ('Distribution of Age Groups of a Population Over Time');...
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