Lecture 18 - Russia Political Institutions

Lecture 18 - Russia Political Institutions - Political...

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- Russian System in Transition - President - Cabinet - Parliament - Executive-Legislature Relations - Judiciary - Putin’s Russia Russian System in Transition - 1990-1993 o Created the Congress of the People’s Deputies and Supreme Soviet o Created the presidency Directly elected Yeltsin demanded wide-ranging powers to carry out economic reforms As economic reform led to price spikes, Yeltsin demanded further powers from parliament and was denied - 1993 o Yeltsin dissolves parliament and called for new elections o First elections that involved multiple parties in post-Soviet period o Referendum on new constitution Created new legislative arrangement Newly created Duma would be elected through a mixed majoritarian and proportional system recently changed to PR (2007) President - Mix of presidentialism and parliamentarism o Strong executive branch o Separation of powers amongst three branches of government and federal division of powers between national and regional governments. - Directly elected for four year term; two terms maximum in a row (no lifetime limit) - Names prime minister - President focuses more on law enforcement and security, while PM focuses more on economic and social policy - President sets overall policy in both foreign and domestic policy realms - Also: head of state and commander and chief
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Lecture 18 - Russia Political Institutions - Political...

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