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Unformatted text preview: Pi Mu Epsilon Application Form Northwestern University Basic Information: Please print legibly or type. Name: _______________________________________________________________________ (Last) (First) (MI) Student Id: ____________________ E-mail address: ___________________________________________ Current address:_____________________________________________________________ Street and Number _____________________________________________________________ City State Zip Code Hometown: _______________________ Sex: Male Female State: _____ Country: ___________________ Date of Birth: _________________ Academic Information: Major(s): ___________________________________________________________________ (Note: You must be a declared Mathematics major by the time this application is reviewed.) You must have completed at least three 300-level Mathematics courses by the time this application is reviewed, and your average in 300-level Mathematics courses must be at least 3.3. Do yo...
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This note was uploaded on 10/05/2011 for the course MATH 334-0 taught by Professor Carlsson during the Spring '11 term at Northwestern.

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