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Unformatted text preview: nd j to type float When in doubt, USE CASTING. It shows your intentions, CASTING and stops some subtle bugs before they start! 24 Expressions Statements Expressions are often NESTED: (((n+5)<=a) && q) this is an expression. But is this a statement? (have you read Chapter 3 yet?) (((n+5)<=a) && q); Why, or why not? 25 Expressions Statements (((n+5)<=a) && q); A `statement' in C is: zero or more expression(s) terminated by a semicolon ; For each expression (each red circle), C makes a (hidden) temporary variable (Recall: some expressions have side-effects) Semicolon means: `Done! Destroy all temporary variables!' 26 Statements Statement An action to be performed by the program; and A set of expressions, possibly nested. Statements always terminate in a semicolon Examples: counter = 3; // an assignment statement. printf("Hello"); // message-printing statement. counter = 3 // NOT a statement: this is just an // expression. It will become a statement when we // add a semi-colon at the end. 27...
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