A source of subtle frustrating errors 22 expressions

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Unformatted text preview: es for each one. Unintended decision? Unintended Answer! (a source of subtle, frustrating errors) 22 Expressions: Type Promotion Hidden variable's data type is chosen by simple rules: All terms have same type? Then so does the expression's dummy variable. Terms have mixed types? May be trouble! C chooses the `largest' term type (saves data) char int float double ( larger) But sometimes that's not enough: my_float = 5/2; /*result: 2.0 */ 23 SOLUTION: `Type Casting' (pg. 118) FORCES a temporary, local type change (each cast sets type of one term in one expression) Int i,j; float f1,f2,f3; i=5; fl = f2 = f3 = f2 = j=2; i/ j; (float)i/(float)j; (float)(i/j); (float)i/ j; /* /* /* /* result: result: result: lucky!; 2.0 2.5 2.0 2.5 */ */ */ */ `Cast' i a...
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