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William Engineering paper - Using the Engineering problem...

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Using the Engineering problem solving method, we first stated what the problem was . We had to get our robot through the maze consistently and successfully, while still completing it in the fastest time possible . Constraints included the two bonus squares that could be beneficial to our time, as well as the walls that were in the robots path . Many different approaches could be used to successfully navigate this maze . Considering the basic knowledge of robotics and electronics we had gained throughout the school year, we thought about solving the maze using a breadboard circuit . If we used this method, we would be required to construct an RC timing circuit with potentiometers, resistors, and transistors . The potentiometers would determine how fast the motors were going, while the transistors and a chip would determine when the robot would turn both left and right . It would take many adjustments and trials to perfect the resistances of the two potentiometers in order to navigate the two turns and exit the maze . This method of completing the maze seemed tedious and inefficient, therefore we decided to use NXT Labview to create a software program, rather than working with hardware . We first considered the plethora of sensors we had available . A photo sensor, a sonar device, and touch sensor, and a sound sensor were all at our disposal . The photo sensor gives readings based on the amount of light it senses
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William Engineering paper - Using the Engineering problem...

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