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To be honest, I consider myself to be a very fortunate individual. All of my immediate family is still alive, and we have all managed to stay healthy and blessed our entire lives. I have always had no problem acquiring food, shelter, and the love of my family and friends. Both of my older sisters have already completed college and have almost paid off all of their debt. I have parents that are always willing to help me in all aspects of life, be it financial, spiritual, or emotional. This does not entirely mean, however, that I can get through college without additional aid. I was the youngest of three children until the age of thirteen. My parents never had trouble supporting my two older sisters and me. They then made the decision to adopt a little sister from China. We all quickly fell in love with our new addition to the family, so we shortly adopted another little girl, again from China. The thought of saving a small child from a life of poverty and despair is priceless, but, unfortunately, the
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Unformatted text preview: process of adoption does include a deluge of pricey red tape. This has caused my family to make some cutbacks, financially speaking. This includes college savings. Although my parents graciously saved as much as they could to help send me through college, it is still not enough to afford a costly college education. I would never consider gaining two little sisters a hardship or a setback, but it does cause me to ask for some financial support from the governments and scholarship funds. I am planning on working during the entire summer, and then during my sophomore through senior years. However, I have calculated the amount I should earn and it, along with my parents help, still is not enough to put me through college debt-free. I would greatly appreciate any help that Texas A&M could offer, and I look forward to having another successful three years here in Aggieland!...
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