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Chapter_2 - Chapter 2 Questions for Study and Review...

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Chapter 2 - Questions for Study and Review Overview 1. Describe the four steps that make up the scientific method. 2. What are operational definitions, and why do psychologists use them? Observing Behavior: Descriptive Research 1. What are the basic purposes and methods of descriptive research? What is reactivity, and how does it present a problem for this type of research, especially in terms of external validity? 2. What is naturalistic observation, and how does it attempt to avoid the problems associated with reactivity? 3. What are some examples of how naturalistic observation can be used to examine behavior? 4. Describe the case study method. When might a researcher use this method? What are some problems with its use? 5. What is a survey used for? What type of information does it provide? 6. Generally, what did Yapko’s survey of therapists reveal about their beliefs regarding hypnosis and memory? 7. Define random sampling, and discuss its importance in the context of survey research.
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