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ECEN 214 - Lab 1 Report

ECEN 214 - Lab 1 Report - A Procedure For task 1 the...

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A. Procedure – For task 1, the procedure was fairly straightforward. After finding three resistors with different color bands and making sure the NI ELVIS was set up properly, we simply placed each end of one resistor in two separate breadboard nodes. Then, using the NI ELVIS DMM, we measured and recorded the resistance values of each individual resistor. After recording each value, we repeated the procedure with the HP DMM instead of the ELVIS. The procedure was almost identical, and the values were recorded once again. For task 2, we were required to use the HP DMM, NI ELVIS DMM, and a 9-volt battery. After connecting the battery to the breadboard, we measured the voltage by connecting the HP DMM probes in parallel with the battery. We did this same exact thing using the NI ELVIS DMM, as well. Both voltage values for the battery were recorded. For task 3, the oscilloscope and the function generator were used. Using probes, we connected the oscilloscope to the output of the function generator. After setting
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