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(Jake Application) ATM V2 - All throughout high school, I...

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All throughout high school, I spent my summers working for my father at his deer lease. Every summer, I put on my gloves and had a post-hole digger in my hands. In each of those four summers, I spent countless hours toiling in the Texas heat and sweated profusely until it felt like I could not even replenish the lost fluids. I never knew why my father made me do so much work every summer of high school. That was until the end of my senior year when I had finished the last of the barbed wire fence. When I finished, my father and I had a discussion about the importance of a college degree. He told me that although working out in the heat was fairly easy for a kid my age, it would not be easy to do for the rest of my life. Those long days I was out putting up fences, I figured out that spending long days in the sun and heat doing hard labor would not be a good lifelong career for me. From this experience, I gained the value of hard work, as well as an appreciation of the worth of earning a college degree. I was always taught to be a hard worker because I was told that no matter the outcome,
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(Jake Application) ATM V2 - All throughout high school, I...

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