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198 Activity Fall

198 Activity Fall - Last day to change grade type 11/5 Week...

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Instructor: Randall Walton Phone: 862-7746 Office: 238-B GRW Office Hours: by appointment Email: [email protected] EMAILS ARE USUALLY ANSWERED WITHIN 2-3 BUSINESS DAYS Week/Date Lecture Topic Assigned Activity To be completed before class Week 1 (8/31) Class Introduction Week 2 (9/7) Intro to Strength Room Warm-up/Cool Down Handout Muscle Chart Week 3 (9/14) Leg Exercises Muscle Exam (10 pts) Week 4 (9/21) Chest / Core Exercises Work Out Week 5 (9/28) Back Exercises Work Out Week 6 (10/5) Shoulder Exercises Bicep/Triceps Exercises Work Out Week 7 (10/12) Olympic Lifting Exercises Work Out Week 8 (10/19) Specific Skill Technique Demonstration and Analysis: Exam (30pts) Assign Future Workout Program Week 9 (10/26) Finish Technique Exam Work Out Week 10 (11/2) Future Workout Program Due (10pts) Body Weight/Stability
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Unformatted text preview: Last day to change grade type- 11/5 Week 11 (11/9) Work Out Week 12 (11/16) Work Out Week 13 (11/23) Work Out Week 14 (11/30) Work Out Grade Check I do not accept assignments via email. All late homework must be turned in within 2 class periods of the due date. If you have a university excused absence with documentation you may turn in late homework for full credit. If your absence does not fall under the list of authorized absences, you may turn in your assignment for ½ credit. Missed exams may be made up the next class day or at instructor’s discretion for full credit. Missed exams may be made up one time for full credit. All subsequent Unexcused missed exams will not be made up. Further Excused exams will be made up for ½ credit. Schedule is subject to change at instructor’s discretion....
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