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Lecture 19 - Presidentialism vs. Parliamentarism

Lecture 19 - Presidentialism vs. Parliamentarism -...

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Presidentialism vs. Parliamentarism - Presidentialism vs. Parliamentarism - Semi-Presidential Systems Russia = “Semi-Presidential” System - What does that mean? o Important elements from both presidential and parliamentary systems Presidentialism vs. Parliamentarism Parliamentary Systems Presidential Systems Head of Gov : Prime Minister, Premier/Chancellor PM = Responsible to: - Prime Ministers and cabinets are responsible to the legislature/they are dependent on the legislature’s confidence - They can be dismissed by a vote of no-confidence Elected by: - Prime Ministers are selected by legislatures - Independent of the various selection processes, all Prime Ministers and cabinets require a formal parliamentary vote of investiture Form of Executive: - Collective, collegial executives - Prime Ministers position may vary (may be the “primus inter pares” = first among equals), but overall there is a high degree of collegiality in decision-making - Important decisions have to be made by the cabinet as a whole
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