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William Brown English 104 Wheeler 6 March 2011 “Bliss” by Muse In the song “Bliss” by Muse, singer Matthew Bellamy talks about how envious he is of a person that he admires so much, he wants to become them. He sings about the perfection of his subject, and how he wants to acquire all of the attributes and traits of who is talking about. But what if we change just one word in the lyrics of the song? Although the change may seem trite, it will change the overall meaning of the song. In the original version of the song “Bliss”, Matthew Bellamy asks his subject to “give [him] all the peace and joy in your mind.” This statement can be interpreted in multiple ways. If Matthew is talking about a loved one or a friend, it seems as though he is so overcome with jealousy that he wants emulate them until he essentially becomes them. This is a more negative way of interpreting the lyric. Looking at the quotation more positively, we might theorize that Matthew is talking about the religious beliefs of someone he knows, or that he might even be talking about God. Perhaps Matthew is in awe how willingly his subject accepts religion and lives according to their beliefs- something that Matthew has trouble accepting, personally. However, if you look at the lyrics surrounding the quotation more in-depth, the first interpretation seems to be more accurate. Matthew says, “everything about you pains my envying”, which further proves
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that he is jealous of the characteristics that someone very close to him retains. Also, in the
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Brown English_104_Rhetorical_remix[1] - William Brown...

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