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ENG 104 opinion paper

ENG 104 opinion paper - William Brown English 104 Wheeler...

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William Brown English 104 Wheeler 14 April 2011 “Don’t Let Ignorant People Vote” In his CNN Opinion article, LZ Granderson argues that those Americans that do not know the basic information regarding the government, such as the three individual branches and recent presidents, should not be able to vote in any elections. He admits to advocating elitism, and uses a driver’s license test as an analogy for his argument. Granderson states: “We wouldn't issue a driver's license to someone unable to pass the written test, knowing the potential damage that person could do behind the wheel. Why do we look at voting differently?” Although it would have beneficial effects in certain aspects of life, I do not believe that voting should ever be disallowed for any American citizen. The reason I believe so is because there would be no way of restricting voting in a fair and unbiased manner. If one wanted to ban the “ignorant” from voting, there would have to be some sort of test proving a citizen’s knowledge of the government. Who would make this test,
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