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ENG 104 Research Paper

ENG 104 Research Paper - implementation of electric...

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William Brown English 104 Wheeler 1 May 2011 Electric Vehicles: The Benefits and Disadvantages As time passes, the world seems to become more and more concerned with the environment and whether or not humans are negatively affecting the climate. Gas and diesel prices are increasing rapidly, global warming is causing controversial debates all over the world, and America’s dependence on foreign oil is causing massive global conflicts. One of the biggest possible solutions to these oil-induced problems is the
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Unformatted text preview: implementation of electric vehicles in today’s society. On a large scale, the producing and selling of electric vehicles will reduce the carbon footprint, lessen America’s dependence on oil from countries such as Iran and Afghanistan, and reduce the amount of harmful emissions on roads and highways. On a smaller, more personal scale, people will save considerable amounts of money that would otherwise be spent on gas and maintenance of their vehicles....
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