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Eng 104 Rhetorical Analysis

Eng 104 Rhetorical Analysis - Brown 1 William Brown English...

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Brown 1 William Brown English 104 Wheeler 12 April 2011 Rhetorical Analysis of Music Video “Whiskey Lullaby” In the song “Whiskey Lullaby” by country singers Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss, a moving and meaningful tragedy involving a war-torn soldier and his girlfriend is portrayed. The song tells the tale of a soldier returning from war, battered and bruised both physically and mentally. As he returns to his home and what he believes to be his patient girlfriend, he discovers that she has not been loyal to him, despite her promises before he left for war. The tale unfolds to show the downfall of both characters. The soldier spirals downwards into depression until alcohol causes his demise. The girlfriend, drowning in guilt for what she had caused to happen through her infidelity, eventually suffers a similar death. The video, along with the deeply touching lyrics, effectively exposes the story to the viewers. Through the use of different lighting throughout the video, the tactical use of colors, the recurring use of a metaphor, and an appeal to ethos through the somber lyrics of the song, this music video tells a heart-breaking and symbolic story that allows the viewer to reflect upon their own lives. The director’s use of lighting throughout the video strongly contributes to the emotions felt by the viewer as the story progresses. As the video begins, a dark and gloomy atmosphere surrounds the soldiers as they return home. This helps to show that the men are still deeply disturbed by the war they have just witnessed. As the main character looks at a picture of his girlfriend and remembers a promise she made to him, a
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Brown 2 dramatic shift of lighting occurs,//flashback. The flashback depicts a dream-like state: the colors are vivid, and sunshine is prevalent in the beautiful valley, which represents cheerfulness and a promise of a happy life. The lighting quickly becomes dark and
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