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For my project, I chose to change the foundation of my music staff. In the project I turned into you, I made the notes out of the lyrics of the song, because the song would be lacking without either the words or the melody. In the project, I cut up family pictures to make the eighth rests. This was to symbolize the rest and relaxation my family gives me when I am under stress and in need. Without the rests, the melody would seem rushed and chaotic, similar to my life without the help of my family. All of these elements of the project worked together to form the musical piece. For the change, I would make family photos into the actual notes, instead of the rests of the song. Instead of the “rest and relaxation” theory I stated in the original project, I would theorize that the melody would not be what it is without my family. My family has influenced what I am, as well as the music I listen to and appreciate. Instead of
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Unformatted text preview: putting the note-by-note lyrics in the actual notes, I would have just written the lyrics under the staff. This, to me, would not be as pleasing to the eye and would take away the focus of the integrated nature of the project. Viewers would not understand the thesis of my project: that my family, my religious beliefs, and my love for music form a symbiotic relationship. If my notes were made from cutouts of family photos, I think the project would stress the importance of my family more effectively. However, I believe this method would have been less pleasing, aesthetically speaking. The cutouts of pictures would be indistinguishable from a distance, and the lyrics of the song would not have been portrayed as well. Although this change to my project might have stressed my thesis a little more lucidly, the original project was visually appealing and successfully gave the intended message....
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