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Rhet Analysis Ex 2 - Mulcahey 1 Luke Mulcahey Ms Wheeler...

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Mulcahey 1 Luke Mulcahey Ms. Wheeler English. 104 22 September, 2009 A Rhetorical Analysis of “Kids Who Kill Are Still Kids” Imagine going to jail, a scary thought. Now imagine you are only thirteen years old, with your entire life ahead of you, and being sentenced to life in prison. In Richard Cohen’s column titled “Kids Who Kill Are Still Kids”, Cohen argues that youths tried as adults is wrong. Children who commit treacherous and heinous crimes cannot fully understand the severity of their actions, which is why they should not be tried as adults. This paper will show how the author’s rhetorical strategies make an effective argument of this issue. The authors use of real life examples, logos, pathos, and diction reason why it is morally wrong of the justice system to sentence adolescents as if they were adults. The use of examples and short stories appeal to the reader in that they can relate to the authors message. Cohen uses this technique frequently throughout the article to make the reader understand that the possibility of this happening is not as improbably as they would like to think. Cohen immediately starts off his article with an event from his childhood, recalling “I heaved a cinder block over my neighbor’s fence and nearly killed her. I didn’t know she was there” (Cohen 481). A blatant statement such as this one shocks the reader into further investigation. The only reasoning Cohen can give for such an action at age twelve is childlike in nature; “[he] didn’t know she was there”. The reader is also aware that the author has a strong tie to the subject and the ability to relate,
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Rhet Analysis Ex 2 - Mulcahey 1 Luke Mulcahey Ms Wheeler...

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