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Rhet Analysis Ex 4 - Visual Rhetorical Analysis of Music...

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Visual Rhetorical Analysis of Music Video “Just a Dream” Former American Idol and country singing sensation Carrie Underwood’s hit song “Just a Dream” tells the tragic story of a crushed fairy tale. The song describes a newlywed bride who discovers that her husband has been killed while away at war and compares both the wedding and the funeral to a dream, hence the title of the song. As the viewer watches the events progress in the music video, he or she first believes that the bride (played by Underwood) is walking down the aisle in her wedding. However, about halfway through the song, the scene dramatically morphs into a funeral and Underwood is walking toward her husband’s casket, shocking the viewer and allowing him or her to realize that the “dream” was their life together. Through the strategic use of color, different lighting, special effects, and the time period in which the story was set, this music video provides a distinct contrast between the bride’s two situations and achieves a haunting and sorrowful tone. The filmmakers’ use of color in this video allows the viewer to feel a stronger impact of the story in the song. White is the color most emphasized in the wedding scenes to represent purity, peace, and happiness. Before the bride walks down the aisle, the camera is zoomed in so that her face is the only thing that isn’t white within the frame. Everything associated with the bride is white: her dress, gloves, veil, eyeshadow, and even her bouquet of white roses. In contrast to the white, many color stand out in the video- the sky is a bright blue, the leaves and grass are vivid green, and the colors in the clothes of the wedding guests stand out. The
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Rhet Analysis Ex 4 - Visual Rhetorical Analysis of Music...

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