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Rhet Analysis Ex 5 - Stepping Into the Vending Machine The...

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Stepping Into the Vending Machine The Coca-Cola Company is known for producing billions of products per day. These products can be found throughout the world, and are consumed by all types of people daily. As these Coca-Cola products become part of our lives, we seem to ignore the fact that there is a process to their production. In the 2006, “Happiness Factory” campaign commercial by advertising company, Wieden+Kennedy, we are introduced to the magical world past the vending machine. The Coca-Cola slogan is “The Coke Side of Life,” and this is exactly what we are introduced to with this imaginative commercial. You can see the commercial was carefully thought out to create perfection. From its characters, to their given jobs, the animation is set to be as magical as the product itself. Through the use of chronological order, inventive creatures and jobs, and ethos within the catchy tune, the director catches the viewer’s attention and gives a new light to the product, by allowing us to see a world beyond the reality. Through the use of chronological order, we are taken through a magical step-by-step tour of what it takes to make the product. The Coca-Cola Company made sure the viewer knew the consideration and procedure put into the product, in order to create a sense of trust and well- being between the consumer and the product. The commercial begins with a real-life man inserting a coin in the vending machine. This man serves to remind that there is a real world, beyond that of the magical world behind the vending machine. The one hundred second gap between the point when the coin starts rolling down the green mountains to the moment he receives his product, we are introduced to a new world, normally unseen. This coin becomes the key to the beginning of an extensive process within the vending machine. Unfortunately for the man, he is completely unaware of the long, complicated, yet beautiful process within. The rolling coin, or the process starter, demonstrates as long as the consumer is willing to purchase
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the product, the Coca-Cola Company will have a job to fulfill. The process itself reminds us that although magical, the Coca-Cola Company is a company that requires hard work and dedication. The finished product then falls through an ice hole, where it is celebrated and glorified by a
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Rhet Analysis Ex 5 - Stepping Into the Vending Machine The...

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