Rhet Analysis Ex 6

Rhet Analysis Ex 6 - Pond 1 Amy Pond Ms Wheeler English 104...

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Pond 1 Amy Pond Ms Wheeler English 104 23 October 2009 World No Tobacco Day: Non-smoking Area Cigarettes, which contain nicotine, can cause both severe physical addiction and health deterioration. As knowledge of the hazards that cigarettes pose to smokers and non-smokers alike becomes more widespread, society pays increasingly more attention (and money) on this health issue. In “World No Tobacco Day: Non Smoking Area,” several directors portrayed a graveyard with a blank space that is labeled as a “Non-smoking Area”. By linking smoking to mortality— and thus non-smoking with life—the advertisement helps to promote World No Tobacco Day. This creative image succeeds in sending its message and impressing the audience with two techniques: imagery and choice of diction. The first thing that catches the audience’s eye is imagery—evidenced by the white crosses in the graveyard, which are arranged in lines all over the picture. The directors use this imagery in three major ways to help with the thesis. The first way is positional imagery. The crosses are placed into lines all over the grass, leaving a space blank in the middle (which ultimately serves as the focus of the reader). The directors use positional imagery to set up an ironic contrast. As the crosses, which are tombstones, imply the meaning of “death,” the free space suggests “life”. This comparison shadows the directors’ negative feeling for the crosses and positive feeling for the empty space, which provides an ironic contrast as empty space is generally considered to be negative and vice versa. In these ways, the directors utilize positional imagery to effectively
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Rhet Analysis Ex 6 - Pond 1 Amy Pond Ms Wheeler English 104...

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