Experiment 12

Experiment 12 - Experiment 12 Titration(pH of an Acid...

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Experiment 12: Titration (pH) of an Acid Mixture Jamie Gates and Amy Corcoran 02/15/2011 - Abstract (see page 2 for additional information) Scientific research journal articles use abstracts; Industrial reports use Executive Summary / I suggest => Abstract). Executive Summary and Table of Contents are important in Industry Reports. Table of Contents is usually not included in scientific articles or lab reports. Different journals do have different formats - You can omit contents table). Abstract - The abstract should stand alone. Report: what was done, what results were obtained , what is / was concluded. - How does the data compare with literature. Be scientific give the values or numbers not qualitative statements. - It is ok to have one or two shorter sentences at beginning telling why you are doing this work. - It should be complete and brief. Length suggest only 1 - 2 short paragraphs. Abstract: In this experiment, .2 M NaOH solution was prepared. This solution was standardized by titrating against a prepared sulfamic acid solution. By doing so, an accurate NaOH concentration was known. The calibrated NaOH solution is used in the titration of a specific volume of an acid mixture. The results obtained are… Introduction / Objective - The Introduction can be brief - I suggest one or two short paragraphs. - Why are you doing this work (e.g. learning use of a technique or apparatus), why is it important. - What has been done previously (In general this relates to real reports, but not to these lab reports, it is important in the future work; but not in these reports) - What is done here, and how (I Suggest one to two sentences here) Do not include full technical detail here. Include general descriptions like the name of experiment, name of the experimental procedure, . . etc - What results you achieved (can be repeat of part of abstract) - Include a limited (one sentence) or overall conclusion - Results agree or do not agree with literature, more data needed to determine precision, . .. etc. Objective:
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Experiment 12 - Experiment 12 Titration(pH of an Acid...

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