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Lab2_error - 2.71 g/mL Stone 3 2.1518 g 2.70 g.8 mL 2.6898...

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Amy Corcoran January 24, 2011 Experiment (ii) Informal Report Density for Statistics and Error Analysis Purpose: To perform error analysis based on errors in volume measurement and mass measurement. Experiment: First I obtained 10 small rocks. Then I dried each rock. After that I measured the mass of each individual rock on the analytical balance. Then I proceeded to measure the mass of each individual rock on a lab balance. After that I placed 3 milliliters of distilled water into a graduated cylinder, and I proceeded to place a stone into the graduated cylinder. After doing so I recorded the displacement produced by each stone. Then I recorded the total displacement by placing all stones into a graduated cylinder filled with 25 milliliters of distilled water.
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Data: Analytical Balance Lab Balance Displacement Density (Analytical) Density (lab) Stone 1 1.9919 g 2.70 g .8 mL 2.4899 g/mL 3.38 g/mL Stone 2 3.2092 g 3.80 g 1.4 mL 2.2923 g/mL
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Unformatted text preview: 2.71 g/mL Stone 3 2.1518 g 2.70 g .8 mL 2.6898 g/mL 3.38 g/mL Stone 4 2.4991 g 3.10 g 1 mL 2.4991 g/mL 3.10 g/mL Stone 5 1.8707 g 2.40 g .6 mL 3.1178 g/mL 4.00 g/mL Stone 6 2.9751 g 3.70 g 1.2 mL 2.4793 g/mL 3.08 g/mL Stone 7 2.7283 g 3.30 g 1 mL 2.7283 g/mL 3.30 g/mL Stone 8 1.8042 g 2.40g .6 mL 3.0070 g/mL 4.00 g/mL Stone 9 2.1737 g 2.70g .8 mL 2.7171 g/mL 3.38 g/mL Stone 10 2.5570 g 3.20 g 1 mL 2.5570 g/mL 3.20 g/mL Total Analytical: 24.1110 grams Total Lab: 30.2 grams Total displacement: 9 milliliters Total Density Lab: 3.36 g/mL Total Density Analytical: 2.6790 g/mL Error: While doing this experiment there might have been debris left on the rock while weighing causing the fluctuation in mass. It was difficult to read the displacement on the graduated cylinder as well. Conclusion: In conclusion, the lab balance is very inaccurate compared to the analytical balance....
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