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Chem Lab Report : Please see second page below for further info Prof Bozzelli - Page includes: Experiment Title, Your Names, Dates, Abstract (or Executive summary) plus can have - Unusual events / circumstances (example – one data set lost via computer crash). - Abstract (see page 2 for additional information) Scientific research journal articles use abstracts; Industrial reports use Executive Summary / I suggest => Abstract). Executive Summary and Table of Contents are important in Industry Reports. Table of Contents is usually not included in scientific articles or lab reports. Different journals do have different formats - You can omit contents table). - Introduction / Objective (Suggest - one or two short paragraphs) - Experimental Procedures (Try to be brief and accurate - Notebook should also include. Outline form ok. these procedures ( Note : y ou are required to date and hand in one copy set of your notebook data each lab period). - Theory (and Math Analysis Methods) (Try to be brief, complete, and accurate) - Results (Please Include one sample (example) for each calculation procedure) Present your results - Interpret them. Important data should be here to illustrate the calculations. Extensive data listings such as long lists of temperature vs time should be in an Appendix. - Error Analysis (Minimum = that presented in lecture- first lab) this should be mainly from error in experiment, not stats - Summary (similar to last part of abstract plus a summary evaluation of error) see page 2. - References - References need to be complete – the reader should be able to find the reference so journal name, page, volume, or the address of the text publisher are important - – In general items on the web are not considered primary reference material. Data Files
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Pchem-rpt-info-v2[1] - Chem Lab Report Please see second...

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