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Group 4 Transient Heat Transfer Pre-Experiment Plan Objective : In this experiment, we will evaluate heat transfer in an agitated, jacketed vessel. The vessel will be operated in three different modes: batch, semi-batch, and continuous flow. The objectives are to measure the batch fluid temperature/time profiles for each operating mode and to compare our observed against our predicted batch fluid temperature for each mode. The objectives will be met by recording all data from the experiment and using the equations learned in class and within the laboratory manual to do so. Experimental Plan : Stephanie will be in charge of recording the data and working with the computer. John and Amy (team leader) will be in control of opening and closing the valves correlating with the batch system; they will also be in control of making sure the system is running correctly letting Stephanie know if the system is ready to record data. The data we need is the flows
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Unformatted text preview: going into the batch along with the temperature at which the water is cooling the steam. We will need to find the heat transfer coefficient according to the area. Theoretical Relationship : (See attached document) • Batch Operating Mode o Stage I Our Tj = Tsteam, Tj can be taken as a constant o Stage II Parameters are given o Stage III Uo is estimated from our Equation 2 hi is estimated from our Equation 3 • hi is estimated to be (.5)h • Semi-Batch Operating Mode o Uo is estimated from Equation 2 o Equations 5, 7, and 8 are used to solve the model • Continuous Flow Mode o Uo is estimated from Equation 2 Experimental Uncertainty : In stage I, it will begin with a lag during the time in which the steam is heating the jacket. The piping can be misleading which may cause issues or error within our data....
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