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ME 324 HW #1 21.02.2011 1. A square isothermal chip is of width w = 5 mm on a side and is mounted in a substrate such that its side and back surfaces are well insulated, while the front surface is exposed to the flow of a coolant at T = 20 ºC. From the reliability consideration, the chip temperature must not exceed T = 85ºC. (1) If the coolant is air and the corresponding convection coefficient is h = 200 W/m 2 K, what is the maximum allowable chip power? (2) If the coolant is a dielectric liquid for which h = 3000 W/m 2 K, what is the maximum allowable power? w = 5 mm Coolant chip 2. A sphere 4.0 cm in diameter is heated to a temperature of 150ºC and is enclosed in a large room at 20ºC. Air in the room is also at 20ºC. The average convection heat transfer coefficient is 9.8 W/m 2 K. The surface emissivity of the sphere is 0.65. Calculate the total heat loss due to both convection and radiation. 3.
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