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Writing a lab report James R. Graham An experiment is only finished when you have written up your findings, so in some sense writing your lab report is the most important step. 1 Contents A lab report is a written description of your activities and findings. The title of the experiment. The date, your name, email address, and other contact information. Include the names of your lab group partners in the introduction with a description of any division of labor that occurred. An abstract that summarizes the objectives, methods, and principal conclusions. An introduction that outlines the problem you are exploring and the methods used. A brief description of the equipment that you used and information relevant to the experiment (time, date, personnel involved). (There is no need to quote extensively from lab handouts). A description of how data were acquired. A log or summary of observations (e.g., a table). Description of any anomalies or systematic errors that might be present in the data. A description of data reduction methods and algorithms. What statistical methods were used to analyze or combine the data into your final result? Describe the methods that you used to estimate the uncertainty in data. Comparison of the results achieved with theoretical expectations. Summary of conclusions. A typical lab report should not exceed 10 pages (including tables and figures), single spaced, 12- point font. Do not use font smaller than 12 point. Please print out your reports using the duplex option so that both sides of the paper are used. 2 Style Always start with an outline—you can use the one above. When you have an outline you have a map of where you are going and a way to estimate how much time and effort will be needed to finish the task. The outline will also help you figure out if you have forgotten important tasks.
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2 In the main body of the report show all relevant equations that you used. Equations should be labeled with equation numbers so that you can refer to them in the text. If you quote an equation without derivation, cite the reference. Equations are part of sentences. Use equations as you present the explanation of what you did. Ideally, when you include
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whatisalabreport - Writing a lab report James R. Graham An...

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