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Effect of Religion Wanda Riddick September, 1, 2011 HUM/130 Susan Johnson The two effects that will help organize the religion which will help with the society would be the religion of terrorism group and the sacrifice that the human would have to deal with. For example in September of 2011 would be an example of terrorist of religion and the things that the people in the world would do for the things that they believe in and I’m talking about the pentagon. You have a lot of terrorists that are all over the world and
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Unformatted text preview: yes they do teach others about the holy war. The last one that I have would be the Aztec religion and these are the ones that believe in the human sacrifice. In this religion these people believe that when they perform in the human sacrifice that they are paying back their debt to god. They also believe that the sacrifice that they do will sustain with the earth....
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