Homework C4 Weighted Moving Average

Homework C4 Weighted Moving Average - Next period 372.9 Not...

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Forecasting Weighted moving averages - 3 period moving average Data Forecasts and Error Analysis Period Demand Weights Forecast Error Absolute Squared Abs Pct Err Period 1 374 0.65 Period 2 368 0.25 Period 3 378 0.1 Total Err:522 Err:522 Err:522 Err:522 Average Err:522 Err:522 Err:522 Err:522 Bias MAD MSE MAPE SE Err:522
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Unformatted text preview: Next period 372.9 Not enough data to compute the standard error 1 2 3 362 364 366 368 370 372 374 376 378 380 Forecasting Demand Forecast Time Value Enter the data in the shaded area. Enter weights in INCREASING order from top to bottom....
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