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Dowling. ME 240-002. 1'1111 2000 ME 240, Practice MidlCml Exam #1 (100 pIS '0 .. 1) 10111100 You may usc the textbooks. class notc.~, homework. homework solutions. II calculator. and a crib shceL Do the easiest problems first. If you run oul of lime. write n noiC describing how you would complete the unfinished problem or problems. REPORT ALL NUMERICAL ANSWERS WITH UNITS, 1. A cat burglar makes her escape by jumping from rooftop to rooftop a~ shown. If the acceleration of the cat burglar i5 downward with magnitude g. determine: a) (20 pIS) A formula for the initial horiwntal speed Vo necessary to complete the jump in terms of H, Land g. b) (15 pts) The horiwntal and vertical components of the cal burglar's velocity when she lands on the lower roof when g ~ 32.2 ftls2, H = 10 fl and L = 18 fl. 2. A block of mass mn slides on a vertical frictionless rod under the influence of gravity. A light inextensibJe cable, attached to a spring with conMant k s pa~ses over a frictionless puHey. and is
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