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1 ME250 | Fall 2011 | University of Michigan HW2: Materials selection, fundamental principles, and engineering analysis Due before 4pm Wednesday, October 5, 2011, in the box outside 1107 GGB. The box will be removed at this time, and late assignments will not be graded. This is an individual assignment. Problem 1 (20 points) You are asked to select a material for a shaft loaded in torsion, which will be part of a braking system for trucks. You have derived a performance index M stating that you wish the maximize the value of ρ G M = , where G is the shear modulus, expressed in gigapascals (GPa), and is the density. a. What are the SI units of the given performance index? b. Using the “Edu Level 2: Materials” selection data set within the CES software, create a graph for G (on the y axis) vs. (on the x axis), using the default which is a log-log scale. Using gradient line selection, draw a line with a slope of 1 that represents this performance index. Position the line so it isolates approximately 10 materials that maximize the value of this performance index. Include a screen print of your graph (i.e., take a screenshot and paste it into a word document) showing the line. c.
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me250-f11-HW2-v01 - ME250 | Fall 2011 | University of...

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