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I. Summary This is an introduction to the SolidWorks chosen because of its intuitive design and Unigraphics, Pro/ENGINEER, and CATIA. By CAD works. From that point, it is just a mat CAD is a language, then the CAD packages c You will be able asked to speak this languag industry, companies will pay for their engi concerned. Being able to say that you can positions. Paying attention may literally, pa In the future, you will be given step-by-ste each class. This will teach you the vocabula language. The Instructor will provide basic and grammar you have already learned. nuances of the language and will provid components. Your homework will involve p and grammar to get you started. The end of this lesson you should be able to Open your personal AFS space Open/import drawings, parts an Change the view orientation wit Use standard default views Measure features Print drawings 2D Sketch Extrusion Th CAD LAB 1 1 s 2011 computer aided design (CAD) environment popularity in academia and industry. Some other c y the end of the CAD LAB series, you will have a ba atter of determining where the equivalent function i could be viewed as dialects. ge in MECHENG 250, 350, and 450, and possibly oth ineers to be trained further on advanced or specifi n do CAD is a useful bargaining chip for engineerin ay off. ep tutorials that you will be expected to follow and lary and grammar of CAD. In class, you will be expec c drawings and you will be expected to reproduce t . The instructor will answer basic questions that ide examples and explanations of more complex producing CAD parts. That all being said, this lesson to: nd assemblies thin the CAD environment he University of Michigan MECHENG 250 F11 t. This CAD package was common CAD packages are asic understanding of how in a different package is. If her classes as well. Often in fic topics that their work is ng internship and full-time d show at the beginning of cted to converse using this them given the vocabulary will help you understand formulations using basic n will be mostly vocabulary
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The University of Michigan MECHENG 250 F11 CAD LAB 1 2 II. AFS Drive (Do on your own) 1. Access H:\Private a. Start > Run i. Open: H:\Private ii. Click OK iii. Creat a folder for ME250, and save your files here 2. If you encountered errors do the following: a. Start > All Programs > Communications Tools > OpenAFS > Authentication i. A small padlock icon will appear in the system tray, double‐click on it ii. Click “Discard These Tokens” (if this button is available) iii. Click “Obtain New Tokens…” 1. AFS Cell: 2. Enter your umich kerberos UNIQ name and password iv. If you have no H: drive 1. Start > (right click) Computer > “Map Network Drive…” a. Drive: H: b. Folder: \\afs\\user\y\o\yourUniqName i. …user\y ←first letter of your UNIQ name ii. …user\y\o ← second letter of your UNIQ name All Engineering students should have a network file space called the H: drive. This is a remote network drive
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me250-f11-CAD1-tutorial - The University of Michigan...

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