Lecture 21 - Russian Current Events

Lecture 21 - Russian Current Events - Putin's Russia After...

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Putin’s Russia After winning the 2000 presidential election, Putin undertook a steady effort to rebuild state power o Putin describes the 1990’s ( Yeltsin’s era ) as an anarchic, chaotic period, to which his controlled rule is the legitimate counterpoint o Attacks the power and influence of the oligarchs through prosecution some key figures (more on this later…) o Weakens the independence of the chief executives of the regions by replacing them with presidential appointees. o Some general attempts in undermining independent media o Neuters opposition by appropriating of their programs Today: greater degree of centralization of power in the presidency Political dominance + high levels of public approval allows him to pursue his objectives more or less unchallenged Foreign policy: o Seeks to restore Russia to its place as a major world power. Economic policy: o Wants to achieve high, sustained growth by attracting domestic and foreign investment. o Simultaneously: seeks to direct state ownership and control of strategically important sectors (esp. oil and gas). Political realm: o Seeks to preserve framework of democratic institutions, but to control the exercise of power. Putin’s domination of all branches of government and the general political scene has led some to question how democratic Putin’s Russia is. o Is Putin functioning within the existing state sturcutre or molding the state structure to function for him? o
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Lecture 21 - Russian Current Events - Putin's Russia After...

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