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I. Introduction One of the powerful features of the CAD so simulate "Assemblies". Not only can you identify potential problems and/or simulate need to model the parts? It's because w manufacturing. It minimizes the risk of enc resources. This is what engineering is all ab II. Importing 1. Download the zip file”me250-f11-C 2. Before we start creating the assem a. Start SolidWorks b. Open up the parts “axle”, “ in previous CAD labs c. All there? Good! Let's go on 3. Create a new Assembly. a. SolidWorks>File>New>Asse 4. Before we do anything, we need to a. Property Manager> Part/As b. Select the axle. The solid m c. Click on the screen to place i. The axle you just pl d. Command Manager>Assem i. Insert the other tw Th CAD Lab 5 1 software is the ability to put together the solid parts see what the assembled machine will look like, t te movement of your machine. Why do we need to we want to figure out every single detail of the countering unforeseen problems and helps you sav bout! CAD5-solidworks” from CTools and unzip it. bly, let's make sure that we have all the parts we ne arm” and “bucket” , the arm and bucket are the sa n and assemble these components! embly>OK o bring out the components. ssembly to Insert> Browse odel appears on the screen and follows your cursor e the component there. laced is fixed so that the other components can be p mbly>Insert component o components. he University of Michigan MECHENG 250 F11 ts that you have created to the software will help you do this? Well, why did you machine before we start ve time, money and other eed. ame parts that you created r around. placed relative to it.
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ii. Note that you can set up and the part 5. Change the Unit System to IPS (Inch 6. Save the file you just created (and s III. Mating 7. In order to "assemble" these comp your sketch, "mates" define where a. Command Manager>Assem b. Let's mate the axle and the i. Click on the plus sig ii. Click on the plane t this case, Top Plane iii. Click on the plus sig Th CAD Lab 5 2 click on drag the other components around. This i ts are just floating around in the air. h, Pound, Second). save frequently to avoid losing your work!) ponents, we have to create constraints called "mate the components lie in space relative to each other. mbly>Mate e arm first. ign next to the axle part on the design tree to expand that cuts through the middle of the axle and is para e). ign next to the arm part on the design tree to expand
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me250-f11-CAD5-tutorial - The University of Michigan...

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