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Lathe Exercise - taking no more than.05 inch per pass...

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Lathe Project Tools needed: tool post, turning/facing tool, # 3 center drill, #8 drill bit, chamfer, ¼-20 tap and handle, Caliper, cutting oil and file. 1. Take tools materials and drawings to lathe, locate appropriate chuck and install in lathe if not already installed. 2. I Install material in chuck. Install tool post on compound axis, place tool holder on tool post and align tool properly, tighten. 3. Turn speed control to zero. Turn spindle on and set velocity 500 rpm. 4. Face cut end of part taking minimal amount of material. Break edge of faced part with file to remove burr. 5. Remove part from chuck. Take part to surface plate and use height gauge to mark part for length and for the step. 6. Place part back in chuck. Machine part to length. 7. Machining step in part: do this in several passes.
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Unformatted text preview: taking no more than .05 inch per pass. Measure with caliper and continue machining till part is to size within listed tolerances. 8. Install drill chuck in tailstock. Install #3 centerdrill in drill chuck. Move tailstock within range of part. Lock tailstock and centerdrill part. 9. Install #8 drill bit in drill chuck, move tailstock within range of part and peckdrill through. Apply cutting oil to the drill bit several times during the drilling process. 10. Chamfer hole approximately .0625 inch. 11. Install live center in tailstock, align with tap and handle lubricate and tap part to depth. 12. File all edges to de-burr part. 13. Remove part from chuck. Clean machine and surrounding floor area. Clean and return tools to tool crib....
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