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1 ME250 | Fall 2011 | University of Michigan MS1: Strategies § Your assignment must be in your design notebook § Submit your notebook in your GSI’s box outside 1107 GGB, before 3.40pm on Wednesday, September 14, 2011. The boxes will be removed at this time and late assignments will not be graded. § Notebooks will be available for pickup outside 1107 GGB starting at 9am Friday, September 16. § This is an individual assignment. 1. Create at least three (three = full credit, no extra credit for more) strategies for the contest. a. Sketch each strategy on a printout of a selected view of the arena CAD model, and describe it in a few sentences. Note this is the same as your draft assignment for DW1; however, you may decide to refine your strategies based on the discussion during your section.
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Unformatted text preview: b. For each strategy, list at least three strengths (advantages) and three weaknesses (disadvantages) after your description. c. Describe which strategy among the three you think is best and why. How could this strategy be defeated? d. Ask at least two of your classmates (ideally potential teammates in the same lab section) to comment on your strategies. Their comments should be written directly in your notebook (i.e., on your sketches over the arena model, and in the margins of your descriptions), and should be identified with their name or initials. Likewise, you should comment on the strategies of two of your peers, and identify your comments with your name or initials....
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