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1 ME250 | Fall 2011 | University of Michigan MS3: Strategy selection (25 points) § This is a team assignment. § The names of all your team members should be on the first page of the assignment. § Your assignment does not need to be in a design notebook. § Submit your assignment in your GSI’s box outside 1107 GGB, before 4.00pm on Friday, September 30, 2011. The boxes will be removed at this time and late assignments will not be graded. 1. (7 points per strategy) Based on the strategies you came up with individually, or other strategies you thought of since then, select three strategies as a team. Do the following for each of the three strategies: a. Complete a table that lists at least three possible outcomes for the strategy. Assign an expected score and probability to each outcome. Write 1 or 2 sentences justifying your choice of the probability and expected score for each outcome. For example, if you plan to pull the tower you could say there is a high probability you’ll succeed because you will use a spring
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Unformatted text preview: mechanism to get there quickly, and that you estimated the expected score by playing with the tower in lab or considering the arrangement of balls in the tower and the size of the scoring hole. b. As discussed during lecture 5 (also see example spreadsheet on ctools), calculate the expected score for the strategy and put it in the table. c. State at least three risks for the strategy, and explain how you would reduce each risk (= countermeasures). The countermeasures may directly relate to how you could decrease the probability of the low-scoring outcomes that you listed in the table. 2. (4 points) Based on your analysis in part 1, select a strategy for your team. Write a paragraph explaining why you chose the strategy and why you think it will be most successful. It’s not sufficient to just say that you’re choosing the strategy with the highest expected score. And, you don’t need to choose the strategy with the highest expected score....
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