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ME250 | Fall 2011 Details of control system and motors (published page) Notes to staff: - insert a picture of a machine with the control box mounted on it. - update wiring connector info IMPORTANT POINTS You will use the control box to wirelessly drive up to four axes on your machine. Your machine must accommodate the stock control box and the rechargeable battery. Please note the sizes below. The control box must be attached to your machine using velcro, and must be easily removed from your machine before and after your round. The control box must be mounted in such a way that it will not take the impact from collisions with other machines or from your machine interacting with or falling off the arena. The battery will be mounted by velcro to the top of the control box and is included in the control box protection requirements from the previous bullet. Note that the dual gearbox motor comprises two axes (unless you wire the motors in parallel) You may not modify or tamper with (i.e., don't open) the stock control system or the interfaces to the control system, including the battery. Such will result in disqualification of your machine. If you are considering augmenting your machine with additional autonomous axes and/or different actuators, please consult the staff. Before attaching a control box to your machine for the first time, sign-off on the control box ledger by a staff member (GSI or Toby Donajkowski) is required. Several control boxes and batteries will be available in the crib of the 250 lab starting in mid-November; you are required to check out the device with your GSI, sign in and out on a ledger form and return the control box to the GSI when complete, noting any issues with the electronics. DC power supplies will be available in the lab for testing your motors without using the control system. These power supplies may not be used in conjunction with the control box, and may not be used to charge the batteries. Staff are responsible for charging the batteries. You may not supply your own batteries for use with the stock control system. Of course, you can supply your own batteries to power additional actuators that have your own control system. RC System Diagram
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This note was uploaded on 10/05/2011 for the course MECHENG 250 taught by Professor Stevis during the Fall '09 term at University of Michigan.

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