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State the parallel lines and classification of angles (hat make them parallel. Use the diagram for 28-34. 28. [fZ 3 = Z6,whichpairoflinesm U stbeparailer? J (/ ^ * - T^ 29. IfZ 7s Z 14, whichpairof lines must be parallel? a il fo < l ,, 30. If Z 4 and Z 1 1 are supplementary, which pair of lines must be parallel? tX / 1 k) r ji 31. If Z I sZ 5, whichpairof lines must beparallel? J (|r*
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Unformatted text preview: 32. If Z 11 =Z14, whichpairof lines must be parallel? J ///£• 33. If Z 9 s Z I 6 , which pair of lines musl be parallel? \"//it parallel? 1 1 r. 34. If Z 8 supplementary to Z15, which pair of lines must be para j/6 ? 8 \ Find the values of x, y and z. 35. ,-30 36. !£ loS 2z/5y...
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