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Unformatted text preview: Geometry H/K Using Parallel Lines 1. In the picture below m//k . You will use this picture for problems #1 -9. 1. Name all interior angles. f '- Name:_ Period \ H y _ j & l^i % r*~ / 1 J 2. Name all pairs of alternate inferior angles. L* &> -*[ 3. Name all exterior angles, i I / / 4. Name all pairs o!" alternate exterior angles. I &SQ 5. Name all pairs of corresponding angles. ^ & "\ 6. Name all pairs of same side exterior angles. I J^i *>J$ (9 C" ^C^-~\ \b 5 1, IfmZ6 = 50", then mZ4 = J3d_ mZl = i^O 3. If mZ8 = 75" , then mZ2 = i^ mZ3 =_i2 II. Refer to the given figure in which a II b and c II d. Find the measure of the indicated angle, a//b&c//d 1 13. m^1=49 ILL In the diagram m II n. Find all of the angle measures. IV. If a lib, solve for i. 19. ^ ...
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