Chapter Three

Chapter Three - Imitation-mocking Play- take role of other...

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Principles of Sociology Chapter 3 Socialization o Process through which we learn the attitudes, values and behaviors of a culture. (This is a lifelong process) Isolation o Being alone restricts our learning, as we learn from eachother. Nurture is our nature o Our nature of learning and behaving is learned and aqquired through interactions. It depends on our environment. Mead’s Theory of Self o Taking the role of the other. o We are essentially born with no self and begin to develop as we see others. There are 3 stages to this process
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Unformatted text preview: Imitation-mocking Play- take role of other (pretend) Game- take role of generalized other and recognize others in society. • Agent of Socialization o The family o The school-gender o Peer group o Mass Media • Personality o A person’s fairly consistent pattern of acting, thinking, and feeling. • Looking-glass self o Self-image based on how others see us • Total Institutions o Setting where people are isolated from the rest of society and controlled by an administrative staff....
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