Chapter Two

Chapter Two - Culture Shock o Personal disorientation when...

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Principles of Sociology Chapter Two Culture o The ways of thinking. Acting, and the material objects that together form a people’s way of life. o Elements of Culture Symbols Anything that carries a particular meaning recognized by people that share a culture Language System to symbols that allow communication Values and Beliefs Standards that decide what is good, desirable, beautiful, and ideas that people hold to be true Norms Rules and expectations o Material Culture Physical things that are bought/sold. Vast range- from armchairs to zippers. o Non-material Culture A way of thinking and acting, where people try to reduce the importance of consumer goods. Society o People who interact in a defined territory and share a culture
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Unformatted text preview: Culture Shock o Personal disorientation when experiencing an unfamiliar way of life. For instance, an exchange student adapting to a new culture Sapir-Whort Hypothesis o Language determines how we see the world and forms a way of reality. Realities o Objective- the literal world o Subjective- how we interpret the literal Ethnocentrism o Tendency to judge other cultures by the standards of ones own culture. People see their culture as the best possible culture. If people are ethnocentric they see others as less valuable. Cultural Relativism o Intellectual stance that attempts to see the value and uniqueness of each culture. This requires value neutrality....
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Chapter Two - Culture Shock o Personal disorientation when...

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