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people - Introduces dysfunction in functionalism • Karl...

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Principles of Sociology People- the basics C. Wright Mills o Capitalist society produces strong individualists who are obsessed with the psychiatric. Emily Durkheim o First person to study suicide as a social phenomenon. Kingsley Davis o “Functions of Prostitution”- provides jobs for unskilled workers, police officers, social workers and unsexed people. It contributes to the survival of the family. Robert Merton o Functions of school Manifest- education Latent- babysitting, higher education, marriage.
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Unformatted text preview: Introduces dysfunction in functionalism • Karl Marx o There are two groups in society Workers and Buyers Interaction ends in conflict • Mary Allen o Abused girl reported to animal abuse by church • Sapir-Whorf o Language determines how we see the world • John Watson o Behavioralism • George Herbert Mead o Theory of self- taking role of eachother • Sigmund Freud o Visualized humans as biological beings. They eat, sleep, and reproduce....
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