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Goods and Services Information Needs and How Managers Use Data Data Scope o Refers to the amount of data from which information is extracted, in terms of the amount of organizational units supply the data over the period of time Time Span o The amount of time that data covers. Level of Detail o The degree to which the information generated is specific. Source o Internal vs. external Internal data is collected from within an organization, e.g. transaction process systems recording what types/quantities of products are purchased, and the demographics of those who purchase them. External data is collected from outside an organization, e.g. from mass communications like newspapers, journals, websites etc, Structure
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Unformatted text preview: o Structured vs. Unstructured Data Structured data is data that can be conveniently stored and retrieved in an orderly manner, e.g. sales amounts Unstructured data are drawn from obscure sources like meeting minutes, IMs, emails etc.--------------------------------------------------• Strategic Managers-o Large Data Scope, Large Time Span, Specific Level of Detail, Internal and external sources, and Unstructured Data • Tactical Managers o Relatively large data scope, not so large time span, rather detailed information, internal and external data, structured data • Operational Managers o Small data scope, small time span, detailed information, internal data and structured data...
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